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Odessa is not Only a Nice City for Vacationing, it also offers Great Shopping

Odessa is Ukraine’s fourth-largest city, with just over a million people. Set in the country’s south along the Black Sea coast, Odessa was founded in the late 18th century as a Russian naval fortress. For many years in the mid-19th century, it was a free port, becoming home to a multinational populace. In 1905, it was the site of a major Russian Revolution uprising by crew members of the Battleship Potemkin. The nice old town area has a beautiful theaters, opera, philharmonic society, lots of cathedrals and churches, museums, city zoo and other sights and of course the city has many great sandy beaches.

Odessa was a typical colonial port town in Ukraine. Under the influences of Russian, Jewish, Greek, and other cultures, Odessa developed a unique culture of its own. Praised by many writers, that uniquely Odessa’s culture is now gone for a variety of reasons including influx of rural population into Odessa, mass emigration of Odessa’s Jewish population, and Soviet-era faceless industrialization. Odessa municipality erases the remaining traces of the old Odessa with mammoth construction projects geared toward generating a quick buck for the officials involved. Visitors to Odessa can walk Deribasovskaya Street toward Primorskiy (Seaside) boulevard to exhaust the sightseeing opportunities in Odessa. Odessa is now famous by Arcadia nightlife district operating in summer.

Victory Gardens Shopping Center in Odessa, Ukraine

Brand-name shopping in Odessa, and generally in Ukraine, is more expensive than in other countries. Shopping in Odessa will satisfy the most demanding shopoholic, who wishes to “burn” her (better his 🙂 credit card. One will be amazed by the number of boutiques, with expensive brand shoes and purses, lingerie and accessories, etc. and then seeing these things on Ukrainian ladies 🙂 yes, they like to dress up with chic. There is famous “Tolchok” or “The Seventh Kilometer” market on the outskirts of Odessa where tens of thousands of small shops sell goods mainly from China, Turkey, India and other countries. The “Tolchok” prices are famously low, making Odessa a popular shopping destination in Ukraine.

There is a huge market where you can get by bus number 4, 7, etc, or by marshrootka of the same numbers. It’s situated a bit outside Odessa
but doesn’t take long to get there, not more than 30 minutes from almost the centre of the city. It works from early morning till 2pm or so.
You can find almost everything there – men and women clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes etc. And the choice is quite big. Prices are
much cheaper compared to the ones in the shops. You can buy a nice pair of shoes for something like 50$ and a pair of fashionable jeans for 80$, but there are things there much cheaper than that. Enjoy! 😉 Because they sell pretty the same in shops around, but the price is 2-3 times more expensive. The bottom line is: you will not fail to impress your Ukrainian bride, if you take her shopping 🙂