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Interesting Insight about the Privoz Market in Odessa, Ukraine

One of the sights of Ukraine is the oldest place in Odessa called “Privoz”. The “Privoz” market is one of the largest farmer markets in Ukraine.
Fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, milk, butter, sausages, honey and other various groceries, along with different supplemental articles are
daily sold there. The market is famous for plenty of its goods, great prices and notoriously colorful language of local salespeople.

According to the history books, the Privoz farmer’s market started in 1827 when wares were first sold from the back of several horse-driven carts in Privoznaya  Street. This was an offshoot of a nearby market known as the old Stary Bazaar which was Odessa’s first bazaar. Slowly the trend of selling different goods from this location caught on and people of all sorts started selling virtually anything here. Soon, a market grew and the Privoz farmer’s market became an institution. To this day, the Privoz market at Privoznaya 14 is still one of the best places to go shopping for fresh produce.
Privoz Market in Odessa, Ukraine

It is easy to find as it is located right beside the train station. Here we see the reality, energy and dynamism of the local farmers market. It’s a
very big market and best value here are the extensive range of fresh food products – meat, fish, vegetables and locally made products.

Great place to see and offers a view of reality and great prices which you most certainly do not find in the affluent tourist sectors of the city. It’s also surprisingly ethnically diverse with trades’ people from all over the region, Russian republics and even China. There is a market in the market of Chinese goods. If you are going to stay in an apartment bring a big bag and fill your fridge with lovely fresh products from Privoz. Maybe it will be a nice idea to ask your Ukrainian wife to cook something Ukrainian for you!